About Us

Hello and welcome!

ALLTHINGSCURATED is a lifestyle store designed for you and with you in mind. 

How did it all begin?  We are a team of shopaholics who LOVE SHOPPING!  And we envision a shop that showcases a curated collection of things that are trendy, of high quality and meaningful to us as they are to you—our valued customers.

For that reason, it makes us trawl the globe and search hard for products.   And we are on a mission to bring you quality and stylish products that will be tasteful additions to your home, perfect home decor pieces to spark joy to your everyday life when you use them.

Because as much as we love what we found, we want to make sure that our products are thoughtfully-curated to bring compliments to you and add style to your everyday living—because our motto is—

"Life is short.  Enjoy, indulge and live in the moment!"